Zeraton 20 day ban

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Zeraton 20 day ban

Post by Zeraton on Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:34 pm

Since this is what I got for a response for just asking if I could tell my clan members that I was banned and wouldn't be back, I decided to make this thread instead:

I am not here to disrespect SVG, or cause any problems between us. However, I do want to mention some TRUTH that has gone on in the past with this clan called SVG. as history shows, they clearly do care about keeping their #1 spot, and are willing to ban for false reasons just to keep that spot. When SIG passed SVG, SVG started to ban SIG's members, and eventually Tony was forced to delete the clan, or get banned like everyone else. Then Superstition says on his clan thread:

8/8/09 A turmulteous day in PawnTactics onfolds. Solus Verus Gens colides with Serious Internet Group during hours of head on clan wars. Just as SVG edges out SIG for first place at 8175 points, SIG suffers the results of an immature, careless leader. PrettyTonyDon deletes SIG leaving SVG lonely in a bittersweet first place.

By the way Super, SIG was by far the better clan and they deserved the #1 spot. But really, how sad is that? A careless leader??? More like a leader forced to give up his clan with the threat of being banned by some SVG admin. Why play a game where only ONE clan has the majority of moderators in it? Why play a game that if you are about to pass an admins clan, the number 1 clan, they quickly ban you before you can. In my opinion, they are bad sports about the entire thing, if they can't even handle the fact that they don't deserve first place anymore.

SVG says they don't care about being number one, yet all they talk about is how LOL isn't even a good clan and how they can't believe they are about to lose their spot. I am going to say this to all current LOL members:

History shows that you guys do not need me in the clan for you guys to succeed. I have faith that each one of you can step it up and pass SVG, because lets be honest, they don't deserve it. They clearly are overpowered in terms of admins and mods and they basically never get banned (except for 1 day bans) due to the protection of BOTH PT admins being in their clan, and protecting them.

By the way SVG, when zuggy69 made us lose points, and spied on our clan, where was his ban? Why didn't zuggy get banned ?? hmm? Tell me that? I personally believe it was because his clan tag says [SVG]. If someone in LOL spied on SVG, and made them lose points overnight on purpose, I'm sure they would get a very nice ban. I guess it just goes to show you that this community is corrupt.

I want the LOL members to be stronger then ever, without me by their side. I can only simply ask of you to do your best, and if you want to leave the clan, that is fine. I just hope that SVG doesn't get away with all this crap that they deal out. Forcing regular players to leave the game just because they are too immature to let another clan pass them. I want to thank every LOL member that is still here today, and anyone that has been a part of the clan in the past. Just remember, there's less than 500 points to go, and you will be a part of the clan that passed SVG. Good luck guys and thanks for trying, even if you don't make it. We gave it a hell of a try =)

I also want to personally thank UwarsNL, for being the only former MVP player to stick with me instead of abandoning me, you've been the best leader/co-leader anyone could ever ask for, Thanks for your support uwars.

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